The BackOfficePlus application is the core of  Cimarron Restaurant Solutions. It is the most effective back office restaurant database on the market today.  It monitors and controls costs on a daily basis, therefore, increasing profits, which is of course the main goal of any business. BackOfficePlus provides up to date technology to run a profitable restaurant. 

BackOfficePlus interfaces with several POS register systems including Panasonic, Micros, and ASI to name a few. This application is the core product that all of our other "solutions" are built around. The BackOfficePlus application is the only "solution" that can be used as a stand-alone product.  

This application is a top of the line, stand alone back office restaurant database, which offers up to date technology and worldwide acceptance. Used by some of the top restaurant companies domestically and internationally, BackOfficePlus is known for its ease of use and competitive edge.  It helps control and maintains restaurant costs with intricate operational and management reports, which provides the capability for increased profits. 

Just a sampling of the BackOfficePlus features include:


  Eliminates dual entry of accounting data

  Built in e-Mail

  Customized POS interface

  Customized accounting systems interfacing

  Automatic transmitting of management reports


Inventory / Purchasing:

  Displays product usage for the current period

  Displays current optimum on-hand amounts

  Displays quantity purchased during the period

  Assignable Order Sheet line number sequence

  Assignable Location Sequence

  Instant assignment of “Par” for any day of the week

  Records all price changes

  Instant display of GL Codes/ Product Group amounts


Manager / Sales:

  Customizable Manager P&L

  Customizable Inventory Cost Analysis Report

  Customizable Daily Sales Report

  Automated year End Closing



  Unlimited pay rates and departments

  Separate register number and payroll numbers

  Automatic calculation of overtime hours


Menu / Recipe Costing:

  Auto change ingredients in all Menu / Batch Items iiiiisimultaneously

  Unlimited number of Menu / Batch Items

  Menu / Batch cost updated with every price change

  Waste percentage calculations

  Portion units customized by user


Additionally we offer custom reports that cover all major food service operational areas.


Sales Logs

Inventory/Labor Cost Analysis

Daily Labor

Weekly Labor

Invoice Logs

Price Changes

Inventory Values

Menu Item Prices/Costs

Sales Mix Reports

Tips Received


Margin/Cost Percentage

Tip Share

Comp Logs 

Manual Check Log

Inventory Forms

Order Sheets

Batch Items  Prices/Costs

Tips Declared

Food Variance