1. Can I reprint last month's inventory value detail?
  2. In which file will I find my Cimarron BackOfficePlus program?
  3. What happens if someone accidentally "throws away" or deletes the Cimarron BackOfficePlus icon from my desktop?
  4. Can I move my Cimarron Program to another folder?
  5. What is the Data File for?
  6. What happens if I cannot locate my data file?
  7. Can I change my login Passwords?
  8. What happens if I "forget" my new login Passwords?
  9. What if I do not find a report that I need? Can I create my own?
  10. Can I save the reports I make for my restaurant in the Quick Reports section?
  11. Can meat be purchased by the pound, but inventoried by each piece?
  12. What is the purpose of backing up?
  13. How often should I back up my computer/data file?
  14. Can there be both hourly and salary employees set up in the Cimarron Program?
  15. How many Job Codes can an individual employee be paid for?
  16. Can the Cimarron program calculate overtime rates for 8-hour workdays versus a 40-hour workweek?
  17. How is overtime calculated for hourly employees?
  18. Can an employee have a different payroll number than their register/employee number?
  19. What if I want to delete a Product from my Product File?
  20. Can you delete Inventory items?
  21. What if I am no longer going to purchase a specific item and I want it removed from my inventory reports?
  22. Can I add and delete Vendors from the Vendor File?
  23. How do you move a Product into the Inventory File?